Do you aspire a career as a SAP Security Professional?

SAP Security experts are sought after employees and we have a great reputation as a company in the market. If you want to find a true network of expertise with more than 200 years of SAP Security experience years, come and work with us! With these colleagues you will not feel alone.

Career as a SAP Security Professional.

We have two teams, the Service and the Project team.
One of our graduate employees, Ossi, worked initially as a thesis graduate and then moved on to work in the Service team supporting one of our major customers in the outsourced SAM-service. Pallavi on the other hand found her way to the Project team whilst seeking challenging work within the SAP Security area. She has been a key player in major role redesign projects.

Pallavi Deshmukh

I joined at senior level and it has been a great experience. We provide really huge projects to customers. This company adapts to an employee’s expectations – I can choose to work in more pressurized environments and projects or if my personal life demands more – I can adapt my work very well with my personal life. The leadership in this company guides me how to develop and get the most out of my work. I truly feel here that my manager knows what I am doing and can support me.

Ossi Vihro

My thesis work was dealing with one customers’ user access management process for an SAP cloud tool. Now I have moved on and I keep learning a lot when I work at this customer in their support organization. I like the fact that it seems that the different opportunities are quite vast – first I build a robust skills foundation and then I can move on to challenging projects. SAP Security is a huge area and here we get to work in all sorts of different topics.

What do we offer?

  • True network of security experts next to you
  • Work and private life balance
  • Big customer, big projects and great opportunities to develop your skills with latest available trainings
  • Competitive reward models adjusted to your work aspirations


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