Services designed to solve SAP
access management challenges


S/4 access architecture design

Transformation to SAP S/4 is a unique opportunity to modernize the SAP security design. At the same time, the complexity has never been so high. We have assisted several large organisations in designing their complete S/4 security roadmap. Having this right from the start is the key to ensuring a successful implementation project.

S/4 access projects

Implementation programs for SAP S/4 are usually complex big programs. You can easily end up spending huge efforts and be left with less value. Engage with us and make sure your investment in the SAP S/4 security is effective, feasible and appropriate for your organization and your needs.

Access Management

SAM = SAP Access Management service

Why not consider having one problem less? SAM is our complete outsourcing service for all main areas of SAP access management. SAM is a combination of expert services, advanced automation and cloud-based analytics bundled as one service with a fixed monthly price.

Access Analytics

From SAP SoD analytics to automatic log approval robotics we deliver over 200+ specific access analytics reports annually to our customers. s4access platform is developed by our SAP security experts to analyse data and automate manual recurring tasks. These high value insights are used in all of our services and consulting projects.

SAP Cybersecurity

SAP Cybersecurity

Protecting SAP solutions beyond access management has become an increasing task to SAP organisations: security patch management, realtime monitoring of incidents, SIEM integration and identity management are discussed in all organisations. We assist our clients in selecting the right solutions and ensuring their alignment with SAP access management.


Some organisations have requirements for high end SAP access security due to their specific nature. All organisations have sometimes situations where special skills are required: protecting confidential data, launching new products, mergers and acquisitions. Our consulting unit is specialized in dealing in high demand environments.